Development Facility

The Development Facility is dedicated to enhancing the impact of the fund's investment activities. Working hand in hand with the fund, the Development Facility focuses on:

  1. Supporting financial institutions in addressing the needs of the fund's target group, e.g. through assistance in product and service development.
  2. Supporting the target group, i.e. local businesses, in adopting sustainable practices or converting to ecofriendly operations, e.g. through environmental audits.
  3. Sector technical assistance and studies, e.g. impact studies, market research, awareness campaigns.

The Development Facility is funded mainly through grants provided by donors who may also invest directly in the fund.

The technical assistance provided by the Development Facility is delivered by consultants selected for their skills and specialization in a tender process. Each project, once approved by an independent committee appointed by the donors and independent experts representing the technical partners of the fund, is coordinated and monitored by Finance in Motion.