Investing in Impact on the Ground - Fund Impact Report 2018 Fund Impact Report 2018

Read the Fund’s first Impact Report, “Investing in Impact on the Ground.” It provides an in-depth look into the progress the Fund has made since inception and presents the fund’s approach to making a real difference for people and the planet. In this report you will learn more about what impact the Fund creates: how the fund promotes change in financial institutions’ practices; how it supports its end borrowers in integrating sustainable practices into their production processes, and how the fund facilitates an enabling environment for a greener economy. 

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Success Stories - Long Fund Videos Fund Explanatory Video

29 Dec 2015

The Fund is a joint initiative of investors’ intent on supporting biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources. Fund Success Story - Banco Hipotecario, El Salvador

14 March 2018

Banco Hipotecario - A partner institution of the Fund that is committed to the environment and the productive sector of El Salvador. Fund Success Story - Casal, El Salvador

21 February 2018

Miguel Méndez, founder of Café Casal and steward of water sources and forests in El Salvador, is an end-borrower of the Fund. Fund Virtual Reality Experience - Cocoa Harvest

15 Feb 2019

Let us take you on a trip through a cocoa farm and see how cocoa is harvested. Fund Virtual Reality Experience - Coffee Harvest

15 Feb 2019

Take a walk through a coffee farm and see how coffee beans are harvested and dried! Fund & Fundación Zamora Teran - Making My Community Green

15 Feb 2019

The Fund also supports foundations like Fundación Zamora Teran to raise awareness of environmental topics at an early age. Fund & Florverde - Promoting Sustainable Flower Culture

15 Feb 2019

Catch a glimpse of the sustainable practices of Florverde, one of the sustainability standards approved the Fund! Fund Success Story - Banco Pichincha & Eco Kakao, Ecuador

15 Feb 2019

Meet our partner Banco Pichincha and our end borrower Eco Kakao in Ecuador and hear about Banco Pichincha's experience with green credit lines, trainings on sustainability topics, and Eco Kakao's sustainable practices. Fund Success Story - LAFISE Bancentro, Nicaragua

15 Feb 2019

Get insights into the cooperation between the Fund and the LAFISE Group on how they monitor forest cover of investments funded by local banks like LAFISE Bancentro in Nicaragua.

Presentations from the Fund Conference 2019

Innovation and Technology in Green Financial Services, Supporting Sustainable Cattle Production and Financing in Nicaragua, LAFISE Bancentro

LAFISE Bancentro & Fund

Innovation and Technology in Green Financial Services, Supporting Sustainability Through New Technologies in the Coffee Sector in El Salvador

Innovation and Technology in Green Financial Services, Making My Community Green, Fundación Zamora Terán

Implementation on the Ground, Shade-grown Coffee in El Salvador, Café Casal

Café Casal & Fund

Implementatio on the Ground, Cacao as Life Alternative for Small Farmers in Ecuador, Eco Kakao

What the Fund Has Achieved, the Road to Building Meaningful Impact Results, Finance in Motion