ASN Biodiversiteitsfonds NV invests USD 2.3 million in Fund for biodiversity conservation

ASN Biodiversiteitsfonds NV invests USD 2.3 million in Fund for biodiversity conservation

Luxembourg and Den Haag, 13 December 2021– The Fund has received a new investment of USD 2.3 million from the ASN Biodiversiteitsfonds, the first Dutch private investor fund focused solely on biodiversity restoration. The ASN Biodiversiteitsfonds will invest in senior shares for the sub-fund in Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighting the success of the fund’s business model.

Through this investment, the partners aim to promote business and consumption practices that contribute to safeguarding unique ecosystems in Latin America and the Caribbean. The investment will focus on typically underfinanced activities that can make important contributions to conserving biodiversity, mitigating climate change, and supporting the sustainable use of natural resources.

Dr. Jens Mackensen, Chairperson of the Fund Board of Directors, said: “The ASN Biodiversiteitsfonds investment in Fund’s senior shares is a sign of trust in our track record and our resolution to create tangible, positive impact. Not only will it allow us to further expand financing to fortify and increase biodiversity-friendly business and consumption practices, but also demonstrates the fund’s ability to attract capital from private investors.”

Karin van Dijk, fund manager of the ASN Biodiversiteitfonds: "It is imperative that we protect and restore biodiversity, worldwide. The financial sector has an important role to play here. The  investment in Fund is a great example of the fact that nature restoration and financial returns can indeed go hand in hand. The notable impact that the eco-business Fund has delivered in recent years has convinced us that working together we can take the next steps towards truly sustainable impact investing.”


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