First Fund conference “Our Journey” showcases impact, role in Latin America’s green finance transformation

Unique event demonstrates power of sustainable finance in conserving biodiversity, promoting sustainable natural resource use, and climate action

Luxembourg and Frankfurt am Main, February 19, 2019 – The first Fund conference took place from February 14–15 in Frankfurt, Germany, to showcase the fund’s impact on biodiversity conservation, sustainable resource use, and climate change response. Titled “Our Journey” and organized by fund advisor Finance in Motion, the event took participants on a virtual tour of the fund’s activities and achievements in Latin America since inception in 2014. Around 100 high-level representatives of the fund’s initiators, investors, partner financial institutions, and end clients explored the fund’s objectives, its place in the Latin American green finance sector, and its accomplishments so far, while also offering a perspective on the role of green finance in promoting sustainable business practices in Latin America.

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Additional senior loan of USD 10 million to be used to promote sustainable agribusinesses in Panama and neighboring region

Luxembourg and Panama, January 31, 2019 – The Fund has disbursed additional financing of USD 10 million to Banco Internacional de Costa Rica (BICSA) to finance agricultural producers who make the best use of natural resources. This financing complements an earlier loan disbursed by the fund in 2017 and is the result of the opportunities identified by Banco Internacional de Costa Rica in their support of sustainable agricultural production throughout Latin America.

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IDB Invest lends USD 60 million to Fund for promoting sustainable business practices

New partnership to focus on conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources in Latin America and the Caribbean

Luxembourg and Washington DC, December 10, 2018 – IDB Invest, the private sector institution of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group, has provided a subordinated loan of USD 60 million to the Fund for supporting business practices in Latin America and the Caribbean that contribute to conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources. The additional funding of USD 60 million will lay the groundwork for further dynamic growth, crossing the critical milestone of USD 300 million total capital commitments. The loan includes a USD 20 million subordinated co-loan from the China Co-financing Fund for Latin America.

Read more Fund to power sustainable agribusinesses practices in Honduras and Nicaragua with Grupo Financiero Ficohsa 

With a total investment of USD 33 million, the fund seeks to promote sustainable practices and use of innovative technology among agribusinesses in Honduras and Nicaragua. 

Luxembourg and Frankfurt am Main, 21 September, 2018 - Fund pledged support to Banco Ficohsa Honduras (USD 25 million) and Banco Ficohsa Nicaragua (USD 8 million) of the Ficohsa Group at a loan agreement signing ceremony held at the head office of Finance in Motion, the advisor to the Fund. The combined investment of USD 33 million will represent the fund’s largest exposure into a single banking group in Latin America. This is the fund’s first investment in Honduras, whereas Banco Ficohsa would be the fund’s second partner institution in Nicaragua in line with its strategy to diversify and spread its portfolio in the region

Read more Fund wins special ALIDE Award 

Latin American development bank community recognizes fund as excellent financial program for tackling climate change

Luxembourg and Bogotá, June 28, 2018 – ALIDE, the Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions, honored the Fund with a special prize at the ALIDE Awards ceremony on May 31, 2018.

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Raiffeisen Bank International invests EUR 16 million in Fund to promote sustainable business practices

New partnership addresses Sustainable Development Goals relating to climate change and sustainable economic growth

Luxembourg and Vienna, 18 June 2018 – Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) invested EUR 16 million in notes in the Fund, supporting the fund’s mission to promote business and consumption practices in the agriculture, fishery, forestry and tourism sectors that contribute to biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation and adaptation in Latin America.  

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Investing in Biodiversity: Sustainable Agriculture in Latin America Makes Good Business Sense Fund releases series of crop profiles relating to coffee, sugar and cocoa 

Luxembourg, 27 February 2018 – By the time a hot cup of coffee is being poured into a cup, it has taken an average of three years from the time the coffee plant seed sprouted, potentially posing a number of environmental and social challenges along the way. It may also likely be a variety from a Latin American country, some of which are among the largest coffee producers in the world, and has an increasing likelihood to carry a sustainability certification. This type of information is now available in a series of crop profiles on coffee, sugar, and cocoa, published by the Fund (the Fund) to encourage discussions and investments in sustainable agriculture.

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OeEB, the Development Bank of Austria, invests USD 25 million in Fund

The investment will support business practices that contribute to biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources in Latin America

Luxembourg and Vienna, 15 November 2017 – The Fund has received a USD 25 million investment from Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank AG (OeEB), the Development Bank of Austria, that will support businesses in Latin America that implement practices in their operations which promote biodiversity conservation. 

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Calvert Social Investment Foundation Invests USD 5 million in Fund to Conserve Natural Resources and Biodiversity in Latin America 

The US institution becomes the fund’s first investor in subordinated notes 

Luxembourg and Bethesda, Maryland, 14 August 2017 – Calvert Social Investment Foundation has closed a USD 5 million investment in the Fund to further strengthens the fund’s ability to support sustainable business practices in Latin America in an effort to preserve natural resources and biodiversity and fight climate change. 

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ASN Bank Invests USD 25 million in Fund

The Dutch lender becomes the largest private investor in the fund

Luxembourg and The Hague, 31 July 2017 – Netherlands-based ASN Bank has invested USD 25 million debt in the Fund, a strong endorsement of the fund’s mission of supporting businesses in Latin America that promote biodiversity conservation, the sustainable use of natural resources, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

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EU Contributes EUR 3 mln to Fund to Support Biodiversity in Latin America

The donation will also strengthen the sustainable use of natural resources and climate change mitigation and adaptation in the region 

Luxembourg, 23 June 2017 – The Fund Development Facility has received a contribution of EUR 3 million from the European Union Latin America Investment Facility (LAIF) as part of the EU’s ongoing support for the impact investment fund.

Read more Fund Lends Its Support to Colombia’s First Sustainable Banking Congress

The fund is sponsoring the event as well as the opening panel discussion on how health and welfare can affect economic growth

Bogota, 23 March 2017 – The Fund has joined the Colombian banking association Asobancaria to support this year’s inaugural Congreso de Sosteniblidad (23-24 March), which will gather top Colombian and international banking and finance experts for talks and presentations on the past, present, and future of sustainable finance in the country.

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Providing Great Food and Drink While Protecting Latin America’s Environment

The Fund shows coffee, fruit, and seafood as it promotes sustainable business practices in the agriculture sector

Berlin, 26 January 2017 – At this year’s International Green Week Berlin the Fund is presenting three of the Latin American companies it supports under a mandate to foster biodiversity and climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Berlin event serves as a showcase for the latest advances in the food, agriculture and gardening industries.

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Combined forces to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals in El Salvador 

FMO leads USD 90 million syndication to Fedecrédito

On 23 January 2017, FMO, the Dutch development bank, announced a 7-year USD 90 million syndicated debt facility to strengthen a federation of financial cooperatives in El Salvador: Federación de cajas de crédito y de bancos de los trabajadores, Sociedad Cooperativa de Responsabilidad Limitada de Capital Variable (Fedecrédito). Aim of the syndication is to boost inequality reduction, financial inclusion and biodiversity conservation in El Salvador by supporting Fedecrédito and its close to 1 million ultimate members. FMO arranged the syndication and kept a stake of USD 30 million while DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, Proparco, the Fund and Triodos Investment Management participated with USD 15 million each.

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FMO and Fund Join Forces to Protect and Foster Latin American Biodiversity

Dutch development bank commits USD 25 million to impact investing fund

Luxembourg and the Hague, 21 November 2016 – The Fund and the Dutch development bank FMO today announced the bank’s commitment of USD 25 million to the impact investing fund, which conserves and promotes biodiversity in Latin America. FMO’s financing represents one of the largest investments in the fund and underlines the bank’s increasing focus on biodiversity. Following the agreement, the fund commitments to date total nearly USD 80 million. 

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The German development bank invests USD 25 million in the impact investment fund

Luxembourg and Frankfurt am Main, Germany 9 September 2016 – The Fund today announced it has received a commitment of USD 25 million from Germany’s KfW Development Bank to promote biodiversity and climate change adaptation and mitigation in Latin America and the Caribbean. The deal marks the largest commitment to to date, and the investment has been designated for the purchase of senior shares in the fund.

Read more Fund and Davivienda CR expand support to sustainable companies in Costa Rica 

New USD 5 million senior loan to foster biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources 

Luxembourg and San José, 21 July 2015 ‐ Fund and Banco Davivienda (Costa Rica) S.A. are expanding their partnership through a USD 5 million loan provided by the Fund to the bank to further support companies in Costa Rica, which have been certified through labels such as Fairtrade and UTZ.

Read more Fund to receive EUR 13 million in additional funding from EU Fund presented at COP21 in Paris

Luxembourg and Paris, 10 December 2015 ‐ – Fund (the Fund) will receive new funding of EUR 13 million from the European Union (EU) in the form of junior shares. The EU will also support the Development Facility with an additional contribution of EUR 3 million.

Read more Fund and Scotiabank de Costa Rica promote businesses with environmental best practices

USD 10 million senior loan from will support environmentally certified businesses in Costa Rica

Frankfurt and San José, 05 May 2015 - The Fund and Scotiabank de Costa Rica S.A. (Scotiabank) have signed a loan agreement in support of companies that help to ensure Costa Rica preserves its rich level of biodiversity for years to come. These Costa Rican companies hold certificates from international labels such as Global G.A.P. and Marine Stewardship Council among others. The USD 10 million senior loan to Scotiabank de Costa Rica is one of the first loans disbursed by the Fund, which was launched in December 2014.

Read more Fund and Banco Davivienda Costa Rica team up to support biodiversity

USD 10 million senior loan to be on-lent via Banco Davivienda Costa Rica to companies with environmentally sustainable business practices

Frankfurt and San José, 05 May 2015 - Fund has lent USD 10 million to Banco Davivienda Costa Rica to support companies that follow best practices in sectors such as agriculture or fisheries. These companies are certified by entities such as FairTrade International or Rainforest Alliance.

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Finance in Motion, KfW and Conservation International launch first biodiversity fund in Latin America

EUR 17 million seed capital for investments in the preservation of biodiversity

Frankfurt a.M., 22 December 2014 - Finance in Motion, KfW and the US non-governmental organization Conservation International (CI) together founded the fund. The fund enables businesses in Latin America to make investments that contribute towards preserving biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources – for example, in agriculture, forestry and fishing, as well as in eco-tourism.

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