Joint Events and Conference Participation project was created in 2017 with the objective to comply the mission of the Development Facility (DF) in positioning the fund as a strategic partner of financial institutions in the region, through the sponsorship of third-party events. The events sponsored so far have allowed the fund to gain exposure and recognition as an important partner around the topics of sustainable finance, conservation finance and biodiversity conservation in the region. Furthermore, the events have enabled the fund to increase its network with financial institutions, multilateral organizations, sector institutions and NGO’s and government officials that in some cases have become partners of the fund.

2020 marked the fourth year where the Fund Development Facility (EBF DF) has sponsored ColomBIOdiversidad, a festival founded in 2014 that combines science and art to raise awareness and drive action towards biodiversity conservation. ColomBIOdiversidad employs different forms of art to connect and communicate with participants, such as photography, cinematography, and “conferences where scientific knowledge speaks through art,” amongst others. This strategy allows participants to connect with the topics at hand in new, innovative ways, thus expanding engagement and increasing the amount of people reached.

ColomBIOdiversidad has chosen specific themes for its festivals since 2018. In 2020, the theme was marine biodiversity. Photographers, scientists, academics, musicians, and other experts all joined to create multisectoral and multidimensional workshops and conferences centered on marine biodiversity and conservation. Antonio Wills, an expert consultant at the Fund Development Facility, spoke at one of these multisectoral talks called “Culinary encounter: Responsible fishing and consumption.” Mr. Wills spoke about sustainable practices and responsible consumption in the shrimp production industry, and was accompanied by six other panelists, including a chef and a fisheries engineer, who also shared their take on responsible fishing and consumption.

Following the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic, all events were successfully moved to a virtual format. As part of the Sustainability Academy, the DF has hosted multiple webinars. The upcoming series of webinars will be on the topic of UN Race to Net Zero - Financial Partnerships in the Race to Net Zero Emissions.


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